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Hi Everybody!

!!!I'm very excited to announce the release of my solo-album "Grinding Teeth" on the english label Vision Of Sound!!!
It cointains 6 little pieces of Solo-E-Bass and effects, that I recorded over a period of 5 years. You can order the album through Vision of Sound Vision Of Sound or directly through my Email, it is also available on all mayor streaming platforms.

Going well with the album is the video of my solo-performance at the Berlin Solo Impro-festival, check it out here:

Besides I'm looking forward to shows with Gorilla Mask, Sophie Tassignons KHYAL and Lambert.
Where and when you can see at: Konzerte!

Still fresh: The debut-album Stamina by Grand Couloir with Volker Meitz, Christoph Titz, Tilo Weber und Dirk Steglich is available on Challenge Records!

And here some more infos:

The Grammy-nominated album "LP5" by Apparat was released on Depeche Mode's label mute-records.

Here's is the opener of that album with me on acoustic bass, check out the nice 3D-visuals in this video:

Here are some press reactions to it:
"A masterclass in Electronic music" 8/10 THE LINE OF BEST FIT
"An excellent album" 8/10 DROWNED IN SOUND
"Breathtaking intricacy and patience [...] a singular achievement" 8/10 EXCLAIM
"An ambitious, inventive album" ALL MUSIC
"Haunting and gripping,[...] his voice remains one of the most unqiue in electronic music" MAGNETIC MAGAZINE

I'm not leading a band right now, but there still is the CD of my band ODD SHOT, you'll find it under "Projects".

And here an update about some releases with bands I'm on:

The second album of the Christian Krischkowsky-Quartett is out on Challenge-Records now!

I'm also very happy that the second release of Mac n Bass is out on Vision Of Sound-Records, check it out or order it here!

Simon Vincent's Occasional Trio has two albums on the market, you can order them through Simon Vincent's wesbsite.

Yours, Roland

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